Practice makes perfect

So, Speedy Reidy and I have made a pact to run the Beer Mile this Australia Day.

What is a Beer Mile? I'm glad you asked. Basically it goes like this:
Beer - run 400m - beer - run 400m - beer - run 400m - beer - run 400m.

"Is this serious?" I glad you asked this too. I asked the same thing, and was surprised (and also delighted) to find that the Beer Mile is globally regulated. There are proper rules, and official world records.

Like most events I enter, the Athletic Powerhouse has commenced a serious commitment to preparation.

Yeah, sure, I went for a run this morning.

More interestingly, I went to the bottle shop yesterday afternoon to start the search for my perfect beer. I found that the choices may be severely limited, given the rules. We have to provide our own beer, in stubbies of at least 341mls and no less than 5% alcohol. While many beers are more than 5% alcohol, most stubbies these days are only 330mls.

I studied every beer in the fridge, and James Boag's Premium Lager was the only one that was exactly 5%. Though Boag's is sold in 375ml stubbies, so I'm hoping I might find something in a smaller bottle between now and the event. The official rules also provide an exemption for standard Australian stubbies of 375ml, allowing this volume at 4.8%. This also invites further investigation.

I returned home with my six pack of Boag's, placed them on the kitchen bench, opened one and slammed it down as fast as I could. Which wasn't that fast. KKB looked at me with surprise, but also appreciation.

It is now my mission to drink beer in this manner as often as possible, in preparation for my next event.

It's going to be an interesting couple of weeks of "training".

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