Beer Mile Flood Relief - guessing competition

This year's blockbuster is coming to a Brisbane park near you!

For an awesome good cause, the Athletic Powerhouse and SpeedyReidy will star in:

The Beer Mile Flood Relief Appeal: Raising money for victims of Queensland’s flood disaster.
On 26th January 2010 at 4pm, the Athletic Powerhouse and SpeedyReidy will take part in the Australia Day Beer Mile at the corner of Shand and Byth Sts Stafford, Brisbane.

You can support them in raising money for Queensland’s flood victims by betting on how fast they can run the internationally renowned Beer Mile, which requires that they:

  • drink a beer (minimum 345ml / 5% alcohol)
  • run 400m
  • drink a beer
  • run 400m
  • drink a beer
  • run 400m
  • drink a beer
  • run 400m

Previous winning times last Australia Day:
  • Male: 7min 34sec
  • Female: 12 min 12 sec

The Athletic Powerhouse and SpeedyReidy are accomplished drinkers and have completed a couple of running races in their time. However, neither AP or SR have combined the two in such a feat of human prowess. (For a good reason!)

A bit more information

Place your bet: $10 per guess
  1. Email your guess time to stating your preferred contestant.
  2. Deposit your $10 in the Beer Mile Flood Relief bank account
    BSB 082991
    A/C 373575624
    Make sure your description identifies you and your competitor (either SR or AP)

What you can win
Those who guess closest to the race time for each contestant will receive 20% of the kitty; the rest will be donated to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal.

On your marks: start guessing!!

Raise it up!
We want as many people to pitch in as possible, so share this blog post with your friends using the links below and tell them to get on board! They can also 'like' SpeedyReidy and Athletic Powerhouse on Facebook for updates.

Want to come along and watch?
If you’re in town, come down to Roy Harvey Park, Stafford.

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