Blame it on the rain. And thank it.

It's only been eight hours or so since my last blog post, and I'm already copping flack for copping out on my run because of the rain. You know who you are. (And now, so does the rest of the world. Tyno. KKB.)

Let it be recorded here and how that I am thankful for the rain and my decision not to run in it, for the decision to run would have brought nothing good.

My planned run was point to point, home to work. On Monday night I packed my bike into the car, along with three separate bags. Clothes and gear to shower at work yesterday; swim gear for last night's swim; and my gear for work today.

At least that's what I thought I packed.

This morning after updating my blog and doing a bit of core strength and stretching, I showered to get ready for work. As I perused my wardrobe for what to wear, a pair of black pants caught my eye.

Black pants? Aren't they at work? I pulled the hanger down and took a closer look. No, they're not at work. They're here.

Had I have run to work I would have arrived and had nothing to change into, on my bottom half at least. My options would have been limited:
  • Stay in my running gear for the day (1/10 - unprofessional and smelly)
  • Catch public transport home to shower and change (2/10 - embarrassing, inefficient and smelly)
  • Call KKB and beg him to pick me up (0/10 - based on the likelihood of KKB responding favourably to this request)
  • Catch a cab home to shower and change (4/10 - embarrassing and costly)
  • Run back home to shower and change (2/10 - ouch my knees, I'm not ready for the extra ks, even the direct route)
  • Run back home then call in sick (1/10 - see above, and I'm a terrible liar, I'd probably also get the sack.)

So, my best option following a run in the rain, rates 4/10, and is embarrassing and costly.

Thank you rain. It's your fault I avoided this disaster. Long run, I'll deal with you tomorrow.

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  1. ah murphy, sometimes you do know best