You make your own luck

I believe you do make your own luck.

My husband is a surprisingly superstitious man. Surprising because he's a man's man; not the type you'd expect to believe in old wives' tales. Generally, though, he's only suspicious when it comes to bad luck. I've told him that getting pooed on by a bird is good luck. He doesn't buy it.

The recent arrival of my Challenge Roth "participant" tshirt may be the deciding factor. Is it bad luck to wear it or not?
When I entered Roth, I did it quickly. It's the way of the iron-distance world these days - everything sells out in a blink of an eye so if you snooze, you lose.

I'm discovering that I took more time than I needed to when entering...  I seemed to have ordered an astonishing amount of merchandise. I obviously didn't read the fine print, so I was surprised when my Challenge Roth branded towel arrived in the post late last year.

Maybe I'm a slow learner, because I was equally as surprised when my "participant" Tshirt arrived a week or so ago.

(I'm expecting my bottle opener and key ring next week...)

It's a nice shirt. I'll take a decent picture and post it some time. Nice cut (fits me perfectly), sport-style material (but not sure if it's quick dry), and nicely branded. As a really special gesture, each of the entrants names are printed as the background.

When it arrived, I opened it up and immediately pulled it over my head.

"What are you doing??!! You can't wear it, it's bad luck!" KKB's warning fell on deaf ears.

"Wow, it fits me perfectly. Isn't it cool? I've got to find my name!"

(I pulled it straight off and was a little disappointed to find my name partially obscured by the main print of the back of the shirt. Oh well, you can't win them all.)

"What do you mean I can't wear it. Of course I can wear it. I love it!"

"It's a race shirt. It's bad luck to wear it until you've done the race", KKB insisted.

I have to admit that since then I've deliberated on this. This morning though, it felt right. I slept in a little, then got up and dressed, went downstairs and announced to KKB that I was going for a walk.

"What, now?" (It was raining pretty hard this morning.)

"Sure. Why not. And look - I'm wearing the shirt."

I could easily have slept in. But I've resolved to think like an athlete for the next one-hundred-and-seventy-something days. That means getting out in the rain from time to time.

 Challenge tshirt or no Challenge tshirt - I think this is my best chance to make my own luck. What do you think?

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