It's good luck, right?

It's magpie season.

Just as spaghetti bolognaise is the natural enemy of the crisp, new, white shirt... magpies are the natural enemy of the cyclist. (I say "natural" enemy... cyclists obviously have other enemies most of which are at their worst when in control of a "man-made" object - such as a bus, a ute or a garbage truck...)

I rode my 120ks this morning in trepidation, wondering when one of the many black and white feathered friends I saw along the way would swoop. I'd had conversations during the week about it being time to bring out the zip ties for the helmet (a la My Favourite Martian) and as I rode along eyeballing everything that flew (I got caught out by a couple of kites), I cursed the fact that I hadn't actioned that thought.

I stared enviously at the cyclists who'd had such foresight and nearly stopped a cyclist I saw on the Hornibrook bridge whose back pocket was bulging with zip ties (what else could they be for but fellow cyclists in need?).

Not long after that I noticed bird crap on my arm. I've been told that a bird crapping on you is good luck, so today I used that good luck as protection from the black and white peril.

Better get those zip ties before my next ride...

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  1. Not that it's a competition, AP, but the bird crap that landed in the middle of my face was approximately four times the size. And on my face.
    Love SpeedyReidy.