Back to the border

My last climb in Luz St-Sauveur, and probably my last until Roth* was up to Gavarnie, near the Spanish border.

You guessed it, it was all uphill, but it was worth it. It was a beautiful little town!

Just leaving Luz St-Sauveur is Pont Napoleon - built in 1860 at the request of Emperor Napoleon III, whose wife Eugenie was availing herself of the thermal waters at St-Sauveur.  If you look really closely in the photo below, I'm a little white speck holding up my little purple speck of a bike.

The guys got the best coffee of the trip at the first little pub in Gavarnie.

The border between France and Spain is a mountain range, so Gavarnie is surrounded by mountains. The outlook from almost everywhere is spectacular.

Just a short ride of 40ks or so, but a breathtaking result!

*we are off to the Alps tomorrow and I have to resist Alpe d'Huez in the last week before Roth. Help!!


  1. Love seeing these amazing photos Lyndell! What a wonderful experience. I am cheering you on for the Roth! Conquer it girl! And keep those photos coming. So proud of you xxxx

  2. Thanks my dear. I will need every bit of cheering on Sunday so keep on cheering!! AP xx