La Petite Maison, Luz St Sauveur

A day off the bike today (the green gunk is back with a vengeance) so I thought I'd show you a little of the 'little house' that's our home for a week on Luz St-Saveur - La Petite Maison.

The maison dates back to 1824, and although I couldn't find any written history on it, there are some telltale signs built in.

The year of origin has pride of place above the front door.

The address is on the wall outside, as is common in France, as opposed to street signs on separate posts.

Just inside the door is a, well, we're not sure what it is. I don't think the house is old enough for it be a place where water once flowed, like in Roman times, but that's what it looks like...  It's set back into a recess in the wall.

There's no yard, just a small courtyard. The boundaries are the neighbour's walls. (Our wall, with a door through to the kitchen, is the one on the left in the photo below.)

As you walk up the stairs to the middle level, you can't help but notice the distinctive balustur.

And when you get there, you're welcomed by worn floorboards. Two of the floorboards in the main area creak and remind me of a sound effect from the TV series LOST. Do you think I can find a sound bite of it anywhere to embed here for you though?

Worn floorboards mean uneven floorboards. It took me a couple of days to find my sea legs to be able to walk a straight line from the bathroom to our bedroom! There's a bit of evidence that things are a little wonky, look closely at how the top of these wardrobe doors don't line up.

Nice doors though! The stairs up to the top level probably wouldn't pass building inspection at home, they're narrow and seem to be different and non-standard height.

The place is beautiful. I've probably saved the best until last, here's the view from our bedroom.

We leave here for the Alps on Saturday, where we have hired another house. We hope it's half as nice as this one!

Au bientot!

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