"Are you running a marathon?!"

A few ks into my 18k long run this morning, that's the question I got. Not from a fellow runner. From a lady sitting at a coffee shop in some kind of active wear.

(I know I shouldn't make assumptions about her not being a runner. She may well have gotten up at the crack of dawn and punched out 10ks. But I suspect she hadn't.)

I wasn't. I was only running 18ks. But it got me thinking. What if I was running a marathon three days before Christmas?

1. Does that get me on Santa's nice list? Will he bring me extra presents?

Nah. That guy was leading the obesity epidemic long before it became popular. He's much more likely to put me on the naughty list for this kind of caper.

2. Why would someone say that? Is it because I'm wearing a Fuel Belt?

It was 23 degrees before I started running. I expect to be out for more than two hours. I need water, lady!

3.  Why WOULD someone say that? Is it any of her business?

Who cares. A reminder that those who matter don't mind, and those that mind don't matter.

As these thoughts ticked over in my head as I ticked over the ks, part of me wondered whether she would still be at the coffee shop when I returned back towards home.

I don't know what I would have done or said to her if she was. I was pretty happy with my first response.

"Are you running a marathon?!"

"Not today!"

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