Bring on 2013

I had envisioned my final post for this year to be a little more reflective, as is my normal style.

But I've just had a good week of training so instead of all that contemplative, touchy-feely stuff, I'm using this post to brag a bit.

This week I rode 250kms:

  • 75k flat ride on Monday
  • 100k time trial on Saturday
  • 75k hilly ride on Sunday

I ran three days in a row:

  • 20k run on Thursday
  • 3k run after my swim on Friday
  • 3k run off the bike on Saturday

I only swam once, but did a 3k set comfortably so that's OK for now too.

This means I've achieved the goal I set to have built to 20k long runs and 100k long rides by the end of the year. I set this goal a couple of months ago, fairly arbitrarily. I've since done my maths and this means I am on track to build up to doing my 33k River Run, and easily be able to get through some good long rides before my main goals for 2013 too.

So my goals for 2013 are:

  1. 140k ride at the Alpine Classic in January (training goal)
  2. Kings of the Coast 3.8k ocean swim in March (training goal)
  3. Ironman Melbourne 24 March (race goal)
  4. Team (swim) at Byron Bay Triathlon (social goal)
  5. Ironman Cairns 9 June (race goal)

I haven't set goal times for either of my Ironman races. I'm not sure whether I will or not. I've never done two Ironman races so close together so it's a bit of an experiment. Usually after an Ironman I switch off mentally and physically, so I'll need to find a way to counter this, this time.

It strikes me though, looking at this list, that unless I find something to fill in the back end of the year, my final post for 2013 might be a little less cheery, and a bit more contemplative and soul searching...

...Ironman Western Australia, anyone???


  1. One day I will join you, AP. Meantime, you are owning those goals!