A Tawonga Gap detour

A nice ride in the Australian bush today, up Tawonga Gap from Bright across to Mt Beauty, and then back again.

I wasn't going to ride today because I'm entered into the 140k Alpine Classic on Sunday. The Alpine Classic rides have been changed, though, due to the Harrietville bushfire. The 140k ride was meant to include Tawonga Gap, but instead it will be two laps of Mt Buffalo.

So we rode the gap this morning and I'm glad we did - it's really pretty.

The view from the top, looking out across Tawonga township to Bogong. (I think.)

View from Tawonga Gap

Sullivans Lookout is down the other side towards Mt Beauty. I resisted stopping there on the way down, but stopped for a quick snap on the return journey. Again, gorgeous views.

Sullivans Lookout, Tawonga Gap, Victorian Alps

I also stopped for a quick shot of the Tawonga Lookout.

Not a long ride - only just over 50ks - but over 2,000m of elevation. And while there were a lot of cyclists out, I was still alone for most of the ride so had the time to take in the serenity.

A nice little detour.

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