Things I don't normally see on my long runs

I'm away on holidays in country South Australia and did my long run this morning.

The town I'm in isn't big enough to run IN. I would have had to do laps, which would not only have been very boring, it might have had the locals talking!

So instead we plotted out a loop that ended up being 27.5ks - a little longer than my scheduled 26ks, but hey. I'm on holidays. I had time.

Sunrise over the countryside

The sun peeked over the horizon just a few ks into my run. The countryside is fairly dry down here but it still made for a nice sight, and an unusual one (for me at least).

Sunrise in the country

Hay bales

Another view that city slickers like me don't see every day.

Hay bales and farm shed


So much livestock!

I saw some delicious steak in the making as I ran past a Wagyu breeding property, and paddock after paddock of sheep.


Actually I didn't see any nudists, but according to the locals I ran past a nudist colony.

Dirt roads

I ran several ks along dirt roads. Some parts were white sand and stone, which I guess is limestone. The area I ran in was once under the ocean. If I had have looked hard enough, maybe I would have seen some sea fossils? But I didn't have time for that - I was running after all!

Dirt road South Australia

Dirt road limestone coast, south australia

A lake

Lake Bonney is South Australia's largest freshwater lake, and sits just a couple of ks from the ocean. In the photo below, the hills behind the body of water are pretty much the coastline.

In all I ran across two "ranges" - not like the ranges I'm used to at home, much smaller. Both ranges used to be sand dunes but the ocean has receded twice over time from the most inland range, to the next range, to the current coastline on the other side of these hills.

Lake Bonney, Limestone Coast, South Australia

A working farm (and dog)

These farmers were doing *something* with their cattle. Their cattle dog was very excited to have other company - maybe he saw an excuse to get out of his work for the day? - and ran down to the road and made a very short lived attempt to come for a run with me.

Stobie poles

Invented in South Australia due to a shortage of tall timber, stobie poles hold up the wires down here.

stobie pole


I saw the old type you'd normally see anywhere around Australia to pump water from the ground, as well as a big wind farm.

Friendly motorists

This was such a relief to me! When I usually run around the city I always smile and wish my fellow runners a good morning. This morning, though, I was running on country roads - with no footpath, so literally running on the road. I would always get off the bitumen for oncoming traffic and this gesture was almost always welcomed with a wave. Likewise, the motorists would almost always move to the far right of the road to make way from me and this too was always thanked with a wave.

A brand new calf

I reckon I've saved the best to last... look at this little fella. As I approached them they were both very close to the fence by the road, but as I got closer the mother herded him further away from the approaching threat. He was very unstable on his feet, his hide looked like it was still wet, and even though you can't quite see it in the photo, his umbilical cord was still attached.

I know, this theoretically belongs under livestock, but how often do you get to see something special like this?

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