Ironman V Ultra runner

If you haven't seen this and you're a triathlete or endurance athlete - you should. As long as you're not one of those triathletes or endurance athletes that take themselves too seriously.

On last weekend's long run, I found myself caught between the worlds of the triathlete and the ultramarathoner and for the first time, I started wondering where I fit.

I was up in Noosa for the Noosa Triathlon. We stayed with friends and on Saturday I ran from Noosa Junction to Peregian and back along the coast road.

Although a lot hillier than I'm used to, it was a beautiful run!

Concrete path aside, I felt like I was in the territory of the ultra runner, but was very aware that just metres from me, on David Low Way, was the world of the triathlete, with plenty of cyclists riding past up to Noosa to rack their bike.

I thought about the video above and wondered which character I was - Ironman or Ultra Runner?

Ultra runner?

  • Clothing - none of my clothing have zip off sleeves or legs, but I do choose garments with pockets to store food. Not flapjacks though.
  • Fat people - nope not me
  • Women - yep
  • High tolerance for boredom - I call it an ability to amuse myself, or a healthy level of comfort with my own company.
  • Bowel movements - Well. You all know a bit about that. I don't shit outdoors (though this weekend I will admit to taking some paper just in case).
  • Pub - well, I don't go to the pub but I do enjoy a glass of red somewhat regularly
  • Balls - I don't have any of those, apparently like ultra runners...
  • Travel and views - I travel to races a lot, and as you will know I often post photos from my training rides and runs


  • Clothing - I don't wear a "unitard" / tri suit
  • Farting - I'm a lady. I don't fart. Like Ironman.
  • Tattoo on thigh to show remind myself how awesome I am - nope (but you could argue that I have this blog for that)
  • Travel and views - I do occasionally sneak a look at the odd triathlete's arse 
  • Gadgets - I don't leave the house without my Garmin 910XT but my virtual trainer is not my best friend.
  • Training data - I religiously update my Garmin Connect but don't correlate graphs.
  • Racing analysis - I definitely make dodgy race claims, like being the first ever Australian woman to cross the line at Ironman Regensburg (I was the only female entrant from Australia in the inaugural event) and the last ever person to cross the line at Lake Tinaroo Half Ironman.

According to this video, which of course is an incredibly credible source, I think I'm stuck in the middle.

I think I like it that way.

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