My running handbag

Last weekend on my 42k training run, when my friend Carrie met me to run a stint with me, one of the first things she said to me related to the Camelbak I've started using on long runs.

"I was wondering how you carried things you need when you run this far. I wouldn't drive 42ks without my handbag."

So I guess it's time for a tour of my running handbag and its contents.

The bag itself - The reason I chose a Camelbak rather than a Gucci (or whatever's in style lately) is to carry water. This model carries about two litres, the downside of which is weight. One morning when I was preparing my gear KKB picked it up and remarked "Gee*, this is really heavy"! Um. Thanks for that.

Food - I carry energy gels, energy chews, and an energy bar cut into small pieces and individually wrapped. I don't normally eat everything I take but I'd rather that than run out of nutrition.

Essentials - a GO card (for public transport), keys, plus some cash and a credit card. Hopefully I'll never need the backup plan, but I know that the one time I leave home without one of these things will be the one time I'll need it.

ID - it might be overkill but I usually carry an ID card as well as wearing an ID bracelet. The one in the photo is an old model from Medical ID Australia but Road ID have a created a niche for themselves by producing this item specifically for athletes.

Mobile phone - could be considered a safety essential in that I can call someone if I need a bail out option or find myself in a sticky situation. It's worth remembering that even if you have your ICE numbers in your phone - this is next to useless if you put a screen lock on your phone like I do. The truth is I've used my phone on long runs more for taking selfies than anything else.

Gastro stop - in case of the dreaded runner's bowel.

In real life I hate carrying a handbag, but my "runners handbag" has become part of my long runs.

*KKB may have used a different word to 'Gee'

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