A Tawonga Gap detour

A nice ride in the Australian bush today, up Tawonga Gap from Bright across to Mt Beauty, and then back again.

I wasn't going to ride today because I'm entered into the 140k Alpine Classic on Sunday. The Alpine Classic rides have been changed, though, due to the Harrietville bushfire. The 140k ride was meant to include Tawonga Gap, but instead it will be two laps of Mt Buffalo.

So we rode the gap this morning and I'm glad we did - it's really pretty.

Things I don't normally see on my long runs

I'm away on holidays in country South Australia and did my long run this morning.

The town I'm in isn't big enough to run IN. I would have had to do laps, which would not only have been very boring, it might have had the locals talking!

So instead we plotted out a loop that ended up being 27.5ks - a little longer than my scheduled 26ks, but hey. I'm on holidays. I had time.

Green Eggs and Ham

I know, it's been a while.

I've had a few tough sessions since my last blog post and I might just be slightly embarrassed that last time I was here I talked up how well my training was going.

I'm over the shame though - after all tough sessions are a normal part of Ironman training, and I have a kit bag of coping mechanisms to get me through. I've recently added Green Eggs and Ham to my arsenal. Strange but true.