The Wednesday morning crowd

This week I headed out to Mt Coot-tha for some hills for strength training.

Last week I was there on a Thursday and I noticed something different about this week's Wednesday morning crowd.

Part of it maybe was me. Last Thursday was the first time I'd been out at Coot-tha for a while and it was also my first week of proper training post Christmas.

"Proper training for what?" I hear you ask. That's another post. I'll get to that.

Today I just want to focus on the positivity I was feeling.

On my first lap I rode up the front. I was pushing heavier gear at a lower cadence so had time to enjoy the view. I never get sick of it. On Wednesday it was cloudy, but the sun was peeping through so that shafts of light beamed down on to the city like spotlights.

In fact I was going to stop and take a picture of it, but I was enjoying riding so much that I kind of didn't want to stop.

I kind of feel bad about that now so here's an artist's impression*.

I was soon passed (very slowly though) by a young girl and because she was going only slightly faster than me we got into a bit of a conversation about our training goals.

She told me was on her regular Wednesday morning cycle session with Tri Alliance, and I shared that I train for Ironman.  I got a response that I sometimes get, "One day maybe..."

When my new friend was maybe 10m ahead of me, her coach arrived on the scene and gave her a little push and pep talk.

"She doesn't need a push", I called out cheekily. "She was just telling me that she wants to do Ironman Cairns!"

"I was just telling her to work it hard up the steep bit ahead."  And then yelled out to her, "Ironman Cairns, hey. We've got six months!"

I was really taken by the happy vibes on the mountain on Wednesday morning. It was different to last Thursday's crowd which seemed much more serious.

* not an artist's impression, just a dodgy scratching by me. I think the Wednesday morning crowd might be more receptive of that too.

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