Goals for the year of the horse

So I never got around to writing this post at the start of the year so I might as well do it now at the start of Chinese/Lunar New Year.

I set my goals for 2013 before 2012 even finished so I'm even late by my own standards.

I am looking forward to 2014 because I've set myself a new goal that I'm a little bit frightened of.

I'll cut to the chase. Here's the list.
  1. Conquer Mt Baw Baw after my first failed attempt, and finish off the 7 Peaks Challenge - March 2014
  2. A 3.8k ocean swim in March or April. Probably April. I haven't started swim training yet so this will e a good intermediate goal for...
  3. Ironman Cairns - June 2014. 
  4. Glasshouse Mountains 100k trail run - September 2014
Actually, let's make that two goals I'm frightened of. I am a little bit scared of Baw Baw. I'm mostly scared of my first 100k race.

I am preparing my training plan now and am seeking out some expert opinion... more on that in a future post... but overall my plan is to for my Ironman training to be more run heavy than it usually is so that my body is ready to start a proper run program after that.

So my list of mini goals is:
  • Run off the bike after every ride - even if it's only 2-3ks for now.
  • Strength circuit once a week and build the warm up run I usually do for this session from my usual 2ks to 5-8ks 
  • Hill session on the bike every week
  • Swim twice a week from now until at least my ocean swim in April. 
I don't really know how this is all going to pan out. But I've decided to be confident. After all, I didn't know how two Ironman races was going to go last year, and that turned out OK. I even fitted in a bonus 50k ultramarathon in December.

So here's to the new year. What are your goals and how are you going with them?

(Come on. You can do it. Be a confident horse this year.)


  1. Baw Baw can't get any scarier than the first time, and you are going to rock that 100km! Go AP. This, as always, is an inspiring year of goals. KR

  2. Trust you to comment on a post about a horse, Kate. ;)
    And thanks for your kind words, as always.