White caps all round.

I haven't posted much this month, so I thought some kind of update was in order.

Training has been a bit inconsistent. I've only done two long rides this month (both 90ks or so), and I've only managed one swim per week, instead of my promised two.

But my running is on schedule.

The inconsistency is mostly due to two trips away to officiate - firstly to Christchurch for the Oceania Triathlon Union (OTU) super sprint continental cup, and then to Elwood in Melbourne for the first of the ITU Paratriathlon World Cup races and OTU sprint continental cup.

In both races I was selected as the Race Referee. It's good experience for my international officiating so I shouldn't (and won't) complain too much.

A couple of random highlights from the last couple of weeks:

I wondered where the runners are meant to go?

White tops like this on  normally calm waters mean one thing and one thing only: headwind.

(Actually, technically, it means two things: headwind / tailwind.)

I nearly got blown off my bike a couple of times on Saturday but was pretty happy to get a solid 95k ride in.

This was the second time I'd been on the wrong end of a bay full of white caps. I started the Elites and Paratriathletes last weekend into white tops on a normally placid bay.

So maybe this weekend was my turn for payback.

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