Inspirational or insane? Decide and donate.

My 100k event draws ever nearer. I've done the physical training and now it's all about mental preparation.

Part of that preparation is talking about what I'm about to do. It might seem strange but saying the words, "I'm going to run 100 kilometres" really helps.

When I say these words, the reactions I get basically follow two themes.
1. "Wow, that's amazing, you're an inspiration!"
2. "You're doing what? That's insane!"

I've also had a few people ask whether I'm doing it for charity. So I figured, why not.

Now it's over to you. What do you think? Inspirational or Insane?  I'm asking you to decide, and on the basis of your decision, make a small donation to one of the charities I support on an ongoing basis.

Which charities?

The Smith Family

I sponsor a child through the Learning for Life program. His name is Ralph, and he's in year 10. The Smith Family is a children's charity which helps disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

Donate via my Everyday Hero page if you think I'm inspirational.

The QUT Learning Potential Fund

I make a small payroll donation to the Learning Potential Fund each pay day. The Learning Potential Fund provides scholarships to QUT students who experience financial need. A partnership between QUT and The Smith Family also helps Learning for Life students continue their education with a scholarship.

Donate via the QUT website if you think I'm insane.

Why these charities?

There's a lot of thinking time that goes hand in hand with the running you need to do to train for a 100k trail run. I have reflected a lot on how fortunate I am to be in a position to attempt events such as this. So in a roundabout way, my training runs have reinforced my commitment to these causes. Relatively speaking, I have a strong body and a strong mind and I wouldn't have either of these things without my education.

How much should I give?

That's really up to you. If you want to give an amount that's relevant to my run, well, you could give $100 of course!  Or you could give $16, a dollar for each checkpoint I go through. Or, you could commit to your own little piece of insanity by giving up a coffee sometime in the next couple of weeks and give the $5 you would have spent on that.

What's in it for me?

Both of these causes are appropriately accredited, so you'll get a tax deduction this financial year. But that's a long time to wait, and it's not that fun. So to sweeten the deal, if you email me to let you know you've donated, and provide your postal address, I'll send you a hand made card. A little bit of inspiration, or a little bit of humour, depending on which charity you choose. Email

An email will also help me ensure that the LPF know that your donation came from this fundraiser.

I realise that many of you have charity fatigue, from the ice bucket thing hot on the heels of the Ride to Conquer Cancer, and many of you will also have a connection to Smiling to Smiddy, which started this weekend. But I'll do the hard yards on this one. I won't make you ride to Warwick and back, or to Townsville, or tip a bucket of ice water over your head.

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