Lunch and dinner, ultramarathon style

How does this look for a nutritious and tasty day's worth of food?

I have diverted from primarily sports nutrition and been eating more real food while training for this race. This seems to be how ultrarunners roll, so when in Rome...

So the full repertoire of energy replacements is:

  • fruit cake
  • cookies
  • rice with custard
  • rice with cream cheese
  • Sustagen poppers
  • Mars bars
  • boiled eggs
  • potato chips
  • energy gels and gel chews
  • coke
  • coconut water with electrolyte powder.
  • cup a soups in case of emergency (can't run any more and I start getting cold)
  • bananas 

I've spent today cutting and wrapping many of these things into small portions I can easily carry between checkpoints, and eat quickly on the go.

I feel confident from the training I've done with these foods that I can handle running on solid food and eating real food seems to have helped with the tummy issues I've previously had.

(I am also packing some gastro stop and nurofen, just in case.)

I'm finishing this post off on the way home from the race briefing and pasta dinner at Beerburrum State School. An early night now before a day of adventure.

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