How to raise $1000 for charity

Now, I'm not an expert on this but just before my attempt to run 100ks at the Glasshouse 100, I asked you whether you thought I was inspirational or insane, and asked you to donate to a charity to show it.

It would appear that you think I'm inspirational, because together we raised over $1,000 for The Smith Family, a charity I regularly support through their Learning for Life program.

Several of you also donated to QUT's Learning Potential Fund, a scholarship I make a payroll donation to each fortnight.

Part of my pitch for donations was the promise of a handmade thank you card. The fact that it's two months after my run that I'm writing this blog post is testament to the fact that making nearly 30 cards is a bit of a marathon effort in itself.

I mean, how do you even begin to thank people for such generosity? Particularly when most of the donations were accompanied by lovely words telling me how inspirational I am?

On pondering this, I realised that this very thought held the answer.

Each card has one of my favourite inspirational quotes. (I tried to pick a quote that was relevant to each individual, but there are some double ups.)

All but three cards have these quotes laid over a photo taken by me. (Those who have one of the three cards will hopefully know who you are. One is obvious because I'm in it. The other two less so, but I hope you'll know why I chose the photo I did.)

Today I finished writing all but a few of them up. So they are headed for you soon.

I hope you enjoy receiving them as much as I enjoyed making them.

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