My new running handbag

Not long before my first ultramarathon I took you on a tour of my running handbag.

A few days out from my The North Face 100, I've realised that an update is wildly overdue. I've upgraded my pack and bolstered its contents, mainly because of the mandatory equipment requirements of TNF100.

Let's take a look.


My Spot GPS tracker sends a location signal every 10 minutes. I always carry my mobile phone and have added an emergency charger for my training runs. For TNF100 I'll probably also carry a GoPro to capture a few moments along the way.


TNF100 takes place in the Blue Mountains in May so warm gear includes a full set of thermals, a 100 weight fleece, a beanie or Buff (I chose a merino Buff) and gloves. 

Waterproof clothing in the event of rain includes a fully taped jacket and waterproof pants. I'm hoping I don't need to carry or use my pants - they are the only item I skimped on, opting for a cheap pair of rain pants from Lowes.

Running at night

I love my Ay-Up lights. Full stop.

For TNF100 I also have to carry a spare. Since taking this photo I've upped the spare to a beefier headlamp than the small clip on shown, particularly given I had a faulty battery for my last ultra.

I've never used it in training but a required item for TNF100 is a workwear vest to a specified Australian standard. I'll have to wear this in a few spots where I'll run on the road.


You could probably argue that everything on the list is to enhance my safety but some are geared specifically to first aid and safety - a compression bandage, compass, whistle, emergency foil blanket, plus maps and directions. In training I also carry money and credit card, and during the race I'll be issued with waterproof matches and a fuel block for starting a fire for warmth. I hope I don't need any of these things.


For the purposes of TNF100 I need to be able to carry 2L of liquid, and two portions of food.  My liquid is carried in a 1.5L hydration pack plus a 500m Salomon soft flask (I tried carrying a regular water bottle and ended up with bruised hip bones!).

The actual pack

To carry all this stuff I've upgraded my pack to a Salomon Advanced Skin 12. The '12' indicates twelve litres. All up, fully loaded, the pack weighs 5.5kgs which I've trained with on most of my long runs.

On the lighter side, according to this video on YouTube, I'm due to buy a smaller hydration pack next. 


  1. Replies
    1. I should probably say, my pack fits really well so it balances the weight really well. So it doesn't feel like a lot when it's on.

  2. wow. you know, I thought there would be more. will you have bags at the rest stops too?

    1. Hi Bron, there are five checkpoints, three of them allow drop bags or crew. So I'll have a couple of changes of clothes in case of wet weather, more robust beanie and gloves, food, and coke.