Catch up time... again?

How did I get here again?

A few months down the road and I'm catching you up on months of activity, inactivity and most importantly, challenges ahead.

I'm writing this from Katoomba, home of the Ultra Trail Australia. Tomorrow I'm attempting to cover 100km with not enough training, a bit of a bung hammy, and a tweaked ankle.

I don't know if this is advisable or possible.

How did I end up here?

I've had a busy start to the year pursuing a chance to officiate at the Commonwealth Games next year so my opportunities to train have been limited.

Two weeks ago at the QUT Classic I tripped and ripped open my left palm and bruised my right knee.

A few days after that my bruise paled in significance when I tweaked my hamstring in the gym. And than a couple of days after that I twisted my left ankle awkwardly. Since then I've been applying Dettol cream to my left palm and Rapigel to my ankle. So at least that took my concern away from my lack of training.

That was until I read the weather forecast. 95 percent chance of rain and a maximum of 14 degrees and then I thought, well, that's three strikes of bad luck (bad training, injury, and terrible weather). Things are on the up.

I don't really feel like things are on the up but I'm here and it's T minus 24 hours.

Wish me luck.

Or phone me right now and talk me out of this madness...

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  1. Hey you... this race is going to rely on mind over matter. There is not one thing you can do to change what is behind you... don't waste an ounce of mental energy on that. Be present right now. Breathe deep.... do whatever it takes to get as relaxed as you can so your mind is ready to tackle this.