Personal worst

OK so it might sounds like an exaggeration with a title like "personal worst".

I am a fairly good judge of when things are going pear shaped and at the moment that's a pretty good estimation.

And, there are also stats to prove it.

Personal worst running 

I have run personal worsts at the last few parkruns I've done

Latest 39:43
Best 33:29

Latest 37:58
Best 35:24

Latest - 36:53 
Best - actually my latest one is my best, but let's be honest, it's not a very good best.

Latest - 43:26
Best - 37:26

Personal worst weight

I am weighing in at the heaviest I have in over four years.

January 3, home scales: 60.8kg
January 5, scales at the gym with my PT: 59.5kg and body fat percentage of 31.3% 

These figures are pushing the limits of "healthy" for my height. In the last four years I've been much more towards the middle according to BMI, and when in heavy training, towards the leaner end. This is where I want to be again.

I hadn't weighed myself since we got back from Europe in September. Intentionally. I wasn't training all that much, I have been eating pretty much whatever I want, and it was showing.

I resolved towards the end of last year to redo the detox I did back in 2012.  I'm eliminating meat, wheat, dairy, alcohol and caffiene from my diet for the better part of January*. Last time I did this, I dropped four kilos during this period, and adopted some good eating habits that I've maintained basically until the last few months.

I started on 3 January and I'm on the right track.

January 9, home scales: 58.7kg

I haven't gotten that buzz of feeling great like I did last time I detoxed, but I'm feeling good about my progress and am committed to getting back to my personal best.

I am not a medical or health professional. Please don't take this post as advice or recommendations, either general or specific.

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