Need inspiration? That's what friends are for.

I've just read my friend Megsy's account of her latest achievement - she raced the Kokoda Track, completing the trek in around 36 hours, non-stop.

Yes, she "raced" the Kokoda Track. As if walking it over 10 days isn't enough (which she does regularly as a tour leader) this time, she took the opportunity to race it.

When she first entered the Race, she was told she was the only woman ever to do so. She's since told me that three Australian women entered the Race this year, and that local PNG women have also previously raced the Track. While official results haven't been released as yet, only 14 people finished from the 34 that entered to walk the same direction as her (the other two women raced the opposite direction).

By her own account, she had "a couple of hairy moments... and many inspirational ones". I have to say that your "hairy moments" make my efforts during Ironman seem positively lame in comparison. And as for inspiration, well, how much better does it get?

I don't bandy the term "legend" around too much, but Megsy, you are a legend. Thanks for the inspiration.

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