A brush with fame

Felicity Abrams was at the pool at UQ tonight. I saw her and Emma Moffatt at Centenary pool a few months back as I was finishing off a water run. They asked about the pool temperature... and tonight Felicity returned the favour of assuring me the water was nice and warm! Not that I expect she'd remember the previous encounter of course.

One of the best things about triathlon is that generally speaking, elites are more than happy to chat with age group athletes. I think it comes from the fact that at many events, particularly Ironman, we all race together. Same day, same course, same time. There are no concessions for men or women, pros or amateurs. We all go through the highs and lows of race day - for all of us it's about being the best we can be on that day.

Of course as an age grouper I don't have the pressure of earning a living hanging over me... so race day is mine to enjoy as a payoff for all that training.

Which, I was trying to get to as I struggled to do up the back zipper of my race suit tonight. Like every good sponsored athlete, Felicity recommended I get into her parents 2XU shop at Southbank and get myself some proper gear! I might just do that Felicity... and I'll say you sent me!

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