Race Day

A beautiful sunrise awaited us on Race Day.

There were several of us that had traveled from Brisbane for the race, some seeking qualification for the Worlds, some more seriously than others.

It was Ironmoles reunited, as Jilly, Annie and I competed together once again for the first time since our first Ironman in Port Macquarie nearly 3 years ago. How time flies.

Race day was quite lonely for me. Bryn had finished by the time I headed out on the run (partly because of the wave starts, but mainly because of the difference in our abilities!). And the Sweep on the run course was a young bloke called Morgan.

Although initially I was surprised I was so far behind everyone, but if I'm really honest, my time was pretty much what I'd predicted. I just hadn't counted on everyone else being so much less slow! Even though I was last across the line, I wasn't the slowest overall, or in any of the three legs. I was satisifed with that. It came down to the wave starts, which were pretty spread out, and mine was closer to the end than the start.

I'm working on a full Triathlete Chronicle, which I'm sure will be live soon.

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