Back to the grind...

The Athletic Powerhouse thought she'd had a few good reasons to slack off on the training lately. Getting hitched is a big commitment. (What am I saying, of course it's a big commitment. What I actually mean, is that it takes time and energy and it's difficult to concentrate on much else.)

But now there is nowhere to hide. The Longcourse Champs just a few weeks away, and I'm feeling quite underdone.

I did my own program for this race rather than training with the squad. I thought it would be too difficult to weasel out of training without being honest about the elopement if I had a coach to be accountable to. So, I worked out a modest program to build my swimming, cycling and running to a standard that would allow me to complete the race.

Now, three weeks out, I'm not sure that was the best decision.

Then again, there are three weeks to go. A few more long rides and runs, and some more cramming at the pool and I should be OK. Right?

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