My mysterious double life

The athletic powerhouse has had a slow couple of weeks. Duty called and for a weekend I resumed my secret life as a technical official for Triathlon Queensland.

(Hey, it almost sounds glamorous when you put it like that, like Superman ducking into a phone booth to emerge as a lycra clad superhero...)

The Mooloolaba Triathlon particularly was challenging as always, with record numbers of athletes to cater to and a new extended transition layout... but wait, there's more - cyclonic seas meant the Plan B swim course which had to be measured and verified before the gun went off...

As a result I've missed my long run for the last two weeks. Not ideal of course but what else can you do when you've got a demanding double life to uphold?

This morning I took up where I left off with a long run into Teneriffe Ferry. It all went OK so no harm done, I guess...

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