The comraderie of running

Another 25ks this morning, out and back back through New Farm and the Botanical Gardens.

Obviously 25ks is a long way to run. Sometimes I get asked how I keep myself occupied when I run. It varies from run to run. Sometimes I'm happy just to look at my surrounds, and other times I need to be try a little harder to distract myself from the task at hand.

Often, I take notice of the people around me, and when I do this I've found that I especially take note of those who look like they're on a long run - loaded Fuel Belt, visibly smeared with sunscreen and often with compression socks.

On out and back runs, you often come across the same people twice - once on the way out and again on the way back. So when I'm on longer runs, I love seeing my endurance comrades at the start and end of a run. Sometimes, they recognise me too, just with a bit of a smile or a nod. But that's all it takes to communicate the respect and encouragement that's shared by endurance runners. It's a good thing.

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