Where I want to be

I did my double run on Saturday afternoon along the beach at Lennox Head. KKB and a couple of friends rode 200k to Lennox - with the aim to ride back to Brisvegas on Sunday.

I'd driven down to meet them so when it came time to back up the morning's run, I set off hoping to find a path along the beachfront. As I ran aimlessly I came across a couple of blokes that had obviously just returned from their afternoon sabattical. They gave me some directions for an 8k loop but I was far too unfamiliar with the town to have any idea what they were talking about.

They saw this, so suggested I just run along the beach. The tide was right to have hard sand, they assured me.

Although I was a unsure whether this was a good idea - it turned out to be an absolute delight. The sand was definitely hard enough to ensure it felt just like running on the sand track at UQ. The air was a lot fresher than any of the runs I'd do at home. The scenery, well, obviously it was wonderful.

I found the right path to get me back to the shops near where we were staying, and as I crossed the road I saw a plant pot stencilled with "Are you where you want to be?".

Something I say to myself when I'm finding it tough in training, or racing for that matter, is, "Where else would you want to be?". Invariably, the answer is "Nowhere. I'm exactly where I want to be."
I smiled to myself and ran round the corner home.

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