Keep the respect

Well, I was fairly apprehensive about my big run yesterday. After a few double runs of 30k combined, it was time to put it together to complete a 33k River Loop.

Like the previous days, the morning was cold, and as we are still a week and a half off the winter Equinox, the sun wasn't strong enough to cut through.

KKB had offered to ride a loop to measure my intended path, then come back to supply extra drinks and moral support.

I needed the extra Gatorade but needed the moral support more. In retrospect, I don't think I'd prepared mentally for the run. I've done this route before when preparing for each of my Ironman races, so maybe I thought it would be all too easy.

I had a few issues along the way with my tummy and tight muscles, so hopefully some better dietary preparation and a few massages will help with that. But mentally I've realised I need to keep the respect for what I'm doing. A marathon is not a walk in the park.

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