Don't worry, it's only international TV

Today started at 3.30 with my mobile alarm, followed at 3.35 by my watch alarm. Yes, I'd been nervous about sleeping through the 4.30 start at ITU HQ at the World Champs.

After helping out on the Olympic distance race for age group, teams and paratriathletes, it was time to adjourn to the athletes lounge for Elite Men checkin. I was on decal duty, which means that if any of the athletes try to check in with incorrect body numbering, I have to take off the old ones with gaffer tape and place new ones for them. Not a bad job at all, thank you very much.

Britain's Tim Don was my first customer and he was very excited to have help on hand and happily let me manhandle his biceps and triceps. Other notable customers were Frederic Belaubre, who was a little more sheepish about having stuffed up his own numbering - not once, but on both arms and legs. It's OK Frederic, I'm here to help.

As the athlete lounge shut up shop, it was off to the start line. We'd practiced our protocol on the Under 23s, but today's had to be perfect - it was being telecast and streamed live internationally.

Amazingly, as we marched out to take our positions behind the start podium, we got a cheer from the crowd. Yes, the technical officials! It was a real buzz to be acknowledged by a crowd on such a prominent stage.

The start went almost to plan. There was a bit of movement in my area on the start, but was not able to call a false start. As we regrouped to compare notes, I discovered that there had been a false start amongst the athletes close to me, but not in my group. That explained why my guys had been restless on the start.

After a bit of a break for lunch, it was back to the finish line to report in as a back-up athlete chaperone. I was promoted up the order to spot the third placed male. I kept Jan Frodeno in my sights - he had disappeared into a corner... and then he was gone. My heart leapt into my mouth. How could I lose him? At 6'3", he's one of the tallest guys on the field of play.

I scoured the finish area, the chute beyond and started heading around towards medical. Someone else spotted him and called me back it was time to get him to the ceremony so there was no time to do much more than escort him back up to the presentation.

Whew. What a day. A few nervous moments, but all's well that ends well. Especially on international TV.

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