The runners' secret

An excellent article in The Courier Mail today about triathlon. Sure, it's a blatant sell for the World Triathlon Championships happening on the Gold Coast next weekend, and even more blatantly uses sex to do so.

It would have been very easy for a less accomplished columnist to stay with this theme. Kathleen Noonan, though, digs deeper. Might be because she often writes about running and cycling, and it's always convincing because she's a devotee herself.

She writes about our bravery, and our lust for life (and running). She writes about how we heal our lives through our exercise; about how we all need something to get ourselves through the day (of course, running's better for this than scotch).

Kathleen Noonan writes about how we're not meant for 'sitting at a desk on our growing arses in front of a computer'. That's because Kathleen Noonan believes we were born to run.

Unlike the Athletic Powerhouse, Kathleen Noonan has the power to influence hundreds of thousands of people into giving up the computer for a pair of running shoes, even for a day or two a week. Imagine what that could do for the obesity crisis?

Alas, I expect that because her writing is so connected to the runners' psyche, she largely preaches to the converted. Not that I mind. Part of me enjoys that fact that other people don't get it...

And that, my friend, is the runners' secret.

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