They don't call it "cycle-gaine" for nothing... Pt1

Kekeboy and I arrived at the Peachester Hall, bright and early, not really sure what today would bring. Just the way I like event days to be - I've often said that the day I stop feeling any kind of emotion on race day, is the day I'll give it away.

There were no sign of our team members yet, but there was plenty of time until the race start.

Finally, at 10am the boys set off on the six hour event. Miri and I still had half an hour before the maps were issued, then another hour before our race start. We used the time to get our gear thoroughly organised, and then just chill out, before we picked up our map and tried to decipher it.

As is the custom in rogaining, the checkpoints had different values - in this case, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 points. We looked at groupings of checkpoints geographically, knowing there was no way we would be able to collect all of them, and decided to head off in pursuit of the two groups of checkpoints to the south of the Hash House.

Miri mapped out the route, mainly on "dirt roads, track / path" according to the map legend. We attached our maps, Miri to her map board and me more amateurishly, with cable ties to my handlebars.

Until this point, we'd been set up in the Phoenix Adventure HQ around the back of the HH. When we went around the front to the start, we were startled by the number of teams also anxiously awaiting the whistle start. It was then that the excitement really kicked in! It was only a few minutes before the whistle sounded and the Grigor Peachester Four Hour Cyclegaine was on.

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