...with a little help from my friends

Since my last blog post I've:
  • taken supplements
  • had a birthday, and received a post card and present from Speedy Reidy
  • got a public hurry up from Tyno Myte via my Facebook page
  • entered Challenge Cairns
  • had the first of what's bound to be many pep talks for Challenge Cairns, from Coach Andy
  • commenced a course of anti-biotics
  • taken supplements
I'm still taking supplements because I'm still sick.

I had a birthday and the first present I received was from Speedy Reidy. A personalised hat to match my compression socks and a really lovely card:

It was a great way to start my day at work... but I have to admit that I felt like a bit of a phony receiving the card. The truth is, Speedy Reidy has been taking on more than her fair share of inspiring and encouraging in this relationship this last few weeks.

Speedy Reidy encouraged me to enter Challenge Cairns when entries opened up last Tuesday. She told me not to put off re-enlisting the services of my coach by telling him I'd entered Challenge Cairns. She keeps telling me that I have the fitness and the muscle memory to get through the Run Like Crazy marathon.

I have doubted her on the last point, but since then I've followed her other advice and re-enlisted my coach. He has also reassured me that all I have to do, for now at least, is keep on moving. If running is causing me to cough up a lung, do what I can. Water run. Get the bike onto the mag trainer.Whatever. Just keep on moving.

I'm now supplementing my supplements with good old fashioned anti-biotics. Here's hoping something kicks in. Until then, I'll keep on moving. With a little help from my friends.


  1. I prefer to call it "encouragement" not "public hurry up" :)

  2. And that's how it shall be considered, Tyno. :-) Thanks.