Supplements, anyone?

The Athletic Powerhouse is desperate.

She's taking everything she can get her hands on.

Recommendations from friends, fellow athletes, even work colleagues all lead to another trip to the pharmacy or health food store, and another fifty bucks later, another herb, mineral or wonder drug to pop down the hatch.

I can't seem to kick this cold and I need to. It's only seven weeks till the Run Like Crazy marathon, and the longest run I've done is 24ks. It's not enough.

Morning and night I slam down a Bio C, coenzyme Q10, triple strength horseradish garlic and C, olive leaf extract, Blackmores Immune Defence, and a multivitamin for good measure. I'm washing it down with orange, apple and ginger juice. I'm trying to get to bed early.

I don't know whether any of this will help. What I do know, is that I need to run, and I need it to be more fun that Monday's 17ks. I had intended backing up with another 8ks on Monday afternoon, but that wasn't to be.

A long run tomorrow isn't looking good, and that will leave only six weeks. Any more suggestions?


  1. Harden up... :)

  2. My brother in law was taking extreme measures of chomping on raw garlic cloves and washing it down with OJ. After today's long run, I'm very worried that I will have to resort to this kind of behaviour. SpeedyReidy was not speedy today, but I'm confident we will come through with the goods and RunLikeCrazy in December. Yeah, AP!