I heart riding my bike

So it turns out that 24ks really was too much last weekend, compression socks or not.

Perhaps it was the combination of a 24k run on Saturday; a mega-early start on Sunday to officiate at Noosa Triathlon; and a massive Melbourne Cup Day? Either way by Wednesday morning I was back to square one in fighting off my cold.

By Friday I was climbing the walls after no training for nearly a week, so I rugged up and ventured out for a walk. I followed it up with another walk on Saturday, hoping that Sunday would dawn with a little less phlegm. Not quite ready to run, but there would be no walking for me. On Sunday, it was time to ride.
There was no pressure. Just me and my bike, out on a Sunday morning.

I only clocked up 25ks to Nudgee Beach and back. Not normally what I'd even get out of bed for. But on Sunday, I rode, and I smiled.

I rode through a patch of rain on the way out. That didn't dull my smile.

Not even the headwind when I turned from home put much of a dent in it.

I have to admit, that when it comes down to it, I just love riding my bike. It feels good. When there is no pressure, it feels free, and it makes me smile. I heart it.

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  1. Hiya,
    I too love, love, love my Bike... I find a clarity that comes too my mind while riding.. It is nice to hear that someone is in the same zone..