Countdown to Challenge Roth: Days 76 - 72

For followers of the Athletic Powerhouse on Facebook or Twitter - I'm sorry I've neglected my pledge to post a photo a day this week.

Since I've come out and admitted to suffering from man flu, I thought I'd seek some more sympathy by fabricating my photo a day for this week...

Come on. Humour me. It's not all bad, I promise.

75 days to go. Sorest throat in the world. In the WORLD, I tell you!

74 days to go. Dragged myself out to an ANZAC ceremony.
73 days to go. See, I am sick. I can't even take a photo the right way.
72 days to go. There's nothing like proper mail to put a smile on the dial.
On Friday, with 72 days to Challenge Roth, I received a mystery package in the mail. It was a snow globe from my friend Speedy Reidy, founder of House Of Goals. In her handwritten card, she hoped it would help me "spiffingly" along my Ironman training journey.

I'm so glad the mailman brought me this on Friday and not Thursday. On Thursday, overcome with man flu, I would have seen it as a reminder that I wasn't training enough.

On Friday though, I was able to see it for what it was - good wishes from a good friend, to help me reach my next goal.

I'm ready to finish off those antibiotics and start chasing that goal once again.

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  1. Spiffingly! Did I actually say that?! So glad it came at the right time. You are amazing, man-flu or no.