Man Flu bites

I've done my research and Man Flu does exist. Wikipedia and Urban Dictionary both have quite detailed definitions of the ailment. I even found this informative website dedicated to man flu - including a self help guide.

The problem with all of these resources is gender bias - claiming that only men can contract the virus, and that it's a source of merely emotional, not physical pain, for women.

I think I've proved them all wrong.

So this time last weekend I was feeling positive after a good weekend's training, but that was short lived. On Monday afternoon I had a tickle in my throat and a little bit of a cough. By Monday night I couldn't sleep for the sorest throat I'd ever had. I raided the medicine cupboard without any joy, and told KKB all about the fact that I had the sorest throat in living history.

Tuesday morning began with an email to work, followed by lots of sleeping on the couch and shit daytime TV. Tuesday afternoon saw a trip to the chemist and lots of whining to KKB.

Wednesday saw me moping about because I couldn't do the ride I'd planned over Mt Tamborine and up O'Reillys. I managed to drag myself out of bed for a local ANZAC service. The ANZACs had dealt with this pain and soldiered on (no pun intended). The least I could do was pay my respects. But this shot of normalcy was short lived; the afternoon and evening I was again preoccupied with whining to KKB.

Thursday morning began with another email to work, then a phone call to make an appointment with my doctor. More sleeping on the couch and shit daytime TV, interspersed with a diagnosis of a sinus infection and another trip to the chemist. Thursday night saw me whining to KKB again.

Can you see a pattern here? By now I'd recognised it, and on Thursday night I professed a self-diagnosis.

I had man flu. It's true. I had all the symptoms:
  • Recurring whining to my partner
  • Thinking I was going to die (or a preference to rather than live with what had to be the worst pain ever experienced by mankind womankind)
  • A need for attention from my partner
In my defense, I was seriously sicker than I can remember being for a long time. And I'm on a timeline here; I'm down to 70-something days to Challenge Roth.

Ah.... symptom number four:
  • A delusion that my ailment is special.
I mentioned my theory to KKB and he definitely agreed it was man flu... what do you think? Can a women suffer from man flu?

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