Countdown to Roth: Days 100-90

Because I know there's a few of you that read my blog and don't do Facebook or Twitter, here's a recap of my now famous* photo a day.

Challenge Roth posted a photo on the day that there were 100 days to go. I shared it and decided to post a photo a day until the race. So far so good.

Posting them here too will not only give me a chance to share my photos with all of you, it'll give me a chance to share some of the detail behind the photos too - some are self explanatory but others have more story than 140 characters allows. Here we go, dear readers!

*famous amongst my 50 Fans and 69 Followers

100 Days to Go:
100 days to Challenge Roth
This is the photo that started it all. It was just a 'Share' on Facebook. Then I decided it would be good to document the rest of my journey to Roth with a photo a day.

99 days to go. Fighting a cold with these.
Not much to add here, really. A bit over a week later, nothing has changed unfortunately.

98 days to go. While this isn't great training food, milestone celebrations are still important.
I went to the wedding of a workmate last weekend and indulged in some of the tastiest cake I've ever had! It was a really nice touch to serve cake even for us church-only interlopers. Congratulations Phil and Liz.

97 days to go. I met up with some fellow Ironmen on the Gateway Bridge
I pulled up on the top of the Gateway Bridge on my long ride and there was a group of guys there from the Hyperdome Bike Hub. They wanted someone to take a photo of them as proof they got to the top of the bridge, so I made sure I got their bikes in so everyone knew they rode! I asked them if I could take a photo of them for my photo a day and they obliged.

Three of these guys are in training for Ironman races - Port Macquarie and the newly named Ironman Cairns - and it was nice to trade training tips for a few minutes. They were on the lookout for a coffee shop so I hope they found one. But not too quickly. They're training for Ironman, shouldn't they be riding a bit longer? ;)

96 days to go. Stretch day today. Ouch!

95 days to go. Getting my supplies sorted!

94 days to go. These little guys were on the footpath on my long run this week. True story!
But that's not all of the story. I ran along Kingsford Smith Drive around to Teneriffe and as I ran through Newstead Park I took a picture of the sunrise, and wondered how many of those I'd be posting if I was resorting to a sunrise on day 93!

Not long after, I spotted a little fishy on the path. I ran past it, and then thought - forget the sunrise, that dead fish would make a great photo a day! Oh well, I'll get it on the way back. On my return - the little fishy had disappeared. Probably, he'd become some birdy's breakfast.

Then, a few ks further around, not far from the end of my run, I spotted these little guys.
True story!

93 days to go. You know that order from Day 95? It's got here on day 93. Must be a record!

92 days to go. Time to get the aero bars back on the bike. Help!
I got a nice little reaction to my tweet of this picture. @kellybeantalker thought I was referring to the chocolate kind of Aero bars. Oh well, it is Easter, right?

91 days to go. My first swim ever at Sandgate pool. Luckily, it's nicer inside than outside!

90 days to go. Voigt Street. A good omen, right?
OK, so it's a really dodgy photo. Maybe I should have taken one of the sunrise yesterday...


  1. Voigt, as in Jens?

  2. Yep, spelled the same way. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't live there, and I doubt it's named after him...