My secret weapon in the pool?

I've been lucky enough to have a lane to myself every time I've swum lately.

I thought my luck had run out on Friday, but I hadn't even swum 50 metres before the female swimmer whose land I'd joined moved over a lane or two to join someone else instead.

This is perplexing but I've wondered whether I've got a secret weapon.

Is it possible that people don't want to swim with someone with a swimming cap or water bottle from an Ironman or iron distance race? Is it possible that people see this and think I'm too fast or too serious to share a lane with?

It seems strange but I have no other explanation.

I'm going to keep testing this theory and hope that I haven't jinxed myself.


  1. Hrmmm.... Same could be said for the ITU caps I have picked up along the way

    I like the theory!