The first Boundary run

Since deciding I want to be an ultramarathon runner, KKB has set me the challenge to run up South Boundary Road to Mt Nebo.

I'm still a little way off running all the way to the top - that's a 42k round trip - but I recently pulled off an out and back long run that I'm pretty proud of for my first effort.

KKB was a bit nervous about me running out in the bush by myself so he followed me on the mountain bike to make sure I didn't get lost.

I tried to apply the advice given to me by T-Bone, so leaned forward up the hills, and tried not to put on the brakes down hill. Being back in this setting reminded me of the advice I was given by my friend MS when descending on a mountain bike - "let the bike roll."

Letting yourself go down a hill seems a little easier on foot. I'm still not 100% comfortable with this but I think I did OK.

The bad news - maybe? - is that I did walk up a few of the hills. There are some steep ones out there.

I did 22ks all up and I'm alright with that for my first long offroad run.

There are plenty more to come, and I'll have to get used to my shoes, socks, and legs looking like this.

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