Postcard from country Australia

Training when you travel isn't always easy to do but on the same trip with Baw Baw we had a couple of days in the country.

Training was really different, with new routes and new things to see...

On Saturday, a 80k ride through wind farms and regular farms.

I had a brush with some livestock when I came across a bull trotting along the road towards me. Now, I've seen those photos of cyclists being chased by bulls. I didn't want that to happen to me. I slowed down, then unclipped, then came to a stop. During which time the bull slowed down, stopped, turned around and started walking, then running in the other direction.

I got back on my bike and started riding after him. He nipped into his paddock through a hole in the fence and kept on running.

A lucky escape perhaps..!

Some other photos from my ride:

A run down cottage in the country with a wind farm in the distance.

Wind Farm

The next day it was time for a run. KKB followed me in the car to make sure I didn't get lost, run out of drinks, or happen upon any more livestock.

Sun rising over farmland

Running on a country road

 I did have one brush with some livestock. A sheep was out of its paddock and when it saw me at first it was extremely startled. It ran around in circles trying to get back in to the safety behind the fence.  Clearly it failed, but it clearly calmed down a bit. KKB captured this magic photo of it watching me run off into the distance.

I love running in different places with new things to see.

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