What I didn't need

OK, so this happened.

Yes, that's ice on my ankle, a couple of weeks ago now.

I put ice on my ankle because I had a nasty fall when out running. I haven't run since.

I really didn't need this. But it's happened.

At the time I was 11 weeks out from my next scheduled event, the Ultra Trail Australia 100.

Now it's eight weeks out and I'm almost certain I'm going to be a DNS. After two weeks of resting my ankle completely I'm limited to walking, swimming, cycling, and the elliptical trainer so things aren't looking good.

I don't DNS very often so I'm not very happy about the prospect of it happening now.

I have the CCC in August to focus on but if I DNS at the Ultratrail Australia I won't have the points to nominate for the UTMB next year - my ultimate goal. So my two year plan, that became a three year plan, is now at least a four year plan.

Everything is all a bit out of whack and at this stage I don't really know what's next.


  1. Oh that sucks!! I don't even have anything uplifting or encouraging to say. It just sucks. Commiserating with you xx