Doggone... And back again!

I fell in love with this little furry friend a few months ago. How could I not. This little fella was so cute and polite. There's no barking, he would just sit there at his spot by the fence, watching the passers by, and to me, looking like he really wanted a pat.

I took this photo after I'd noticed him standing in this spot by the fence a few times. I'd stopped and said hello but I'd never had the courage to pat him... just in case.

He (or she) lives on a route where there are lots of passers by - it's one of the main cycling routes commuters take into the city. I pass by when I run or ride to work. Though I'd never patted him, I'd stopped and said hello and told him how gorgeous I thought he was.

posed a question on Facebook - should I pat my furry friend or not?

I got two yeses and one no.

I decided that Matthew Wolski was right... I decided that this doggy was a gentle soul, and worth a pat.

But then he was gone.

And I mean... gone. In the past couple of months I've walked past, I've run past, I've ridden my bike past on the way to work. No furry little friend.

I wondered what had happened. Had his family moved? Was he unwell? Or worse!?

(Had his family moved him to the back yard to protect him from crazy-commuting-running-ladies that stopped by and talked to him, but never patted him?)

I had basically given up on ever patting this guy. And I'd started deeply regretting the fact that I'd been too timid to reach out and give him a pat. It sounds stupid but it's true.

Until this week. Once again I slowed down as I rode up the little rise near his house. This time... there he was... not in his "spot" but there he was, on the grass in the front yard!

I was so excited! I started talking to him straight away, and even though there were other passers by, I think he heard me (and I like to think he remembered me) and he ran over to his spot and jumped up on the fence and... I gave him a pat.

He (or she) is a gentle soul.

I'm 100% incapable of explaining why this reunion meant so much to me. It's somebody else's dog. I have no right to feel any emotional connection to it.

But still, I did.

We're all human. Even dogs are probably a little bit human. And we probably all need a little bit of a pat every now and again.

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