Prelude to an injury

My stupid ankle injury happened in New Zealand.

The day before I stupidly fell over nothing and moderately sprained my ankle, I spent a few hours running and trekking through the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. 

I'm glad I took the time to do so - the place is breathtaking. Keep reading for a glimpse of the beauty and adventure.

Bridge at the entry to the Waitakere Ranges National Park
Bridge at the entry to the Waitakere Ranges National Park

Pou, the guardian of the area
The Pou are the guardians of the Waitakere Ranges

Technical steps in the Waitakere Ranges
Lots of steps made it a perfect training location for the Ultra Trail Australia

Waterfall trail crossing
I might have sat down and shuffled across this fast running waterfall on my bum. Because I was there by myself, noone will ever know either way...

Rail trail in the Waitakere Ranges
Now that's a rail trail! This is a working railway track.

A working railway bridge.

The tunnel trail at the Waitakere Ranges
Trail runs always seem more adventurous when there's a tunnel.

Warning sign Waitakere Ranges: Caution this trail is suitable for experienced trampers only
I don't know whether I qualified as an "experienced tramper" but I took this technical trail anyway.

Kauri tree
It rained all day but it couldn't wash the smile of my face. It was a fun day out.

The forest was beautiful and the trails were technical.

I felt adventurous not only because of this, but also because I was by myself, noone knew where I was and I didn't have any phone coverage. 

When I got there and realised I had no coverage I probably should have abandoned but I'm glad I didn't - I would have felt even more stupid the next day when I fell over my feet.

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