It's global running day and I didn't run

I know right.


Though I feel like it's *really* a day for northern hemisphere runners, where it's the first day of summer. Here it's the first day of winter and it felt like it.

That's not why I didn't run today though. I promise!

I went to my physio / acupuncturist yesterday.

I told her my calf had been really, really sore a couple of weeks ago. It's OK now but for a day or two it felt like someone had stabbed it with a hot knitting needle. Or something!

I put off running for a day and it seemed OK again.

She thinks I might have had a minor tear. She needled the crap out of it and it feels OK again today.

She told me not to run today but to go back to normal programming tomorrow.

So I'll run tomorrow morning. It'll still be global running day somewhere I'm sure.

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