Paying it forward

I get so much support when I do big events, from far and wide.

Friends that pop up unexpectedly, friends that track me remotely, friends that think to send me a text, or an email, to wish me well.

I had the pleasure of paying that energy forward last weekend, to my dear friend Donna, who tackled the Oxfam Trailwalker with her team the Wander Women.

I was flattered that Donna had sought some advice from me through her preparation for the event. We talked about training, equipment, psychological readiness.

I sent her an SMS on the night before her event and she sent me back a link to track her progress, so I did.

On Saturday afternoon I was able to time an errand to coincide with her stop at the final Checkpoint, at Walkabout Creek.

It was worth it - while the Wander Women crew were a well oiled machine, and doing an amazing job, I suspect it might have been a big lift for Donna to have someone there just for her. When I got to the Checkpoint I found her in the medical tent getting her feet dressed. I helped her with a few small things, then sent her and her team on their way into the afternoon.

I can't claim to have crewed like a boss for Donna, but I hope my support helped give her a lift for the home stretch.

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