Running winter errands

Each year I find myself with a short lived bout of winter sadness.

Last year I beat it through a combination of public transport and obligation.

This last weekend I ran an errand.

I had a plan for my Saturday long run. Well, to be honest, I had a couple of plans so maybe that was my first mistake - no clear plan.

When I got up on Saturday morning, I took a minute to think about those plans, and before you know it I was thinking about the weather, and about what I should wear, and about how cold it was, and more importantly how dark it was, until I got to the point where I just couldn't bring myself to leave the house. At all.

After a few hours of moping around doing nothing I started doing some chores, and this did lead to me driving to the shops, and then thinking about the ramifications of not going for a run today.

I was resigned to this outcome. And even this didn't bring out any fear or guilt. At this stage of preparation for CCC I should be experiencing fear AND guilt at the prospect of missing a long run.

One of the chores on my to do list was to purchase a light, compact daypack. I'd been looking online but probably needed to see them and there was a bricks and mortar store not far from my house.

When I put all this together in my head I all of a sudden didn't have a choice but to run there.

I'm pretty happy that the piece of luggage I needed was small and compact. It fitted right into my running pack

By this stage, I was even smiling.

By the time I got home I'd run 13 ks but started thinking about what I *should* have done that day. It was starting to get dark again so I knew the chances of me getting outside again were slim to none. I took myself off to the gym to run (ironically the gym is dimly lit like a nightclub) to bring the total up to 25ks for the day. Only 5ks short of the 30k goal.

It's Friday morning today and I have a plan for tomorrow - and again it involves a task and some obligation. I feel optimistic that I'll come out on top.

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