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I am a victim of crime! Wednesday two weeks ago my favourite merchandise from IMOZ 06, my first Ironman, was pinched while I was out running.

I'd left it with my squad mates' gear at the starting point for our hill reps. I thought there was safety in numbers, and there was. I was determined to finish the entire set this morning, though, and given my authentic status as a back-of-the-pack-er it was always going to take me longer than everyone else. So my prized Australian Ironman spray jacket was always going to be sitting there alone, even just for ten or fifteen minutes.

Yes, it's just a material object. I know that. The person that took it probably needs its warmth more than I do. I understand that.

But, apart from the actual finisher medal, the jacket was the most substantial, tangible (not to mention, practical to wear in public) reminder I have of the heroic feat I'd accomplished that day. Well, heroic in my mind...

I was inconsolable. When I got to work that day the first thing I did was to e-mail Ken Baggs to tell him of my misfortune. I knew it was a long shot, but I just had to know whether there was a replacement garment waiting in the wings. My AMEX was at the ready, whatever the cost.

Tonight when I checked my post box, there was an Express Post bag from IMG.

So, tonight I'm writing this blog in a Finisher's vest, sent to me free of charge by a race director who understands what it means to be an Ironman. Thanks Ken.

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